Hi, my name is Jon Holmes, and I am the AlphaNet Canada Patient Services Coordinator for Eastern Canada.

I was diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency in 2011. Growing up I was very active in athletics, but dealt with the complications of having asthma from a very young age and into adolescence.  For the most part, I had no respiratory symptoms for almost 20 years.  Around 2010, I began having breathing issues again which presented during vigorous outdoor activity and asthma treatments didn’t seem to resolve the issue as it had in the past.  I was sent to a Pulmonologist, who after testing, diagnosed me with Alpha-1.  I began my Prolastin treatments in 2014.

I am an Industrial Designer who has worked across several manufacturing industries throughout my career including architecture, furniture and health care.  I have always been an avid outdoorsman and enjoy angling, camping, hiking, and canoeing whenever possible.  Most of my career was spent working in Toronto, and I enjoyed being able to get away from the bustle and reside in a rural setting where my children and I could participate more frequently in our leisure activities.

I currently live with my spouse in Thamesville, a small town in Southwestern Ontario.  This keeps us close to where we keep our boat on Lake St. Clair.  We have recently taken to boating as it accommodates me and allows us to take part in most of the outdoor activities we all love.  We have 4 children, who share in our love for the outdoors, and like to tag along whenever possible.

I am very happy to be a part of AlphaNet Canada.  I welcome the opportunity to spend time conversing with other Alphas and learning about their experiences.  I’m elated to be able to do what I can to provide researchers with information with the hope of finding not only better treatments for Alphas, but ultimately a cure.

Coordinator:  Jonathan “Jon” Holmes

Telephone:  (888) 254-4993

Territories:  Eastern Canada