AlphaNet Canada Helps Alphas Take Charge of Their Health


Once enrolled in the Prolastin Direct program, an AlphaNet Canada Coordinator is notified and contacts the newly diagnosed Alpha within days.  During this initial call, a communication plan is developed to meet the needs of the Alpha.

The specially-trained AlphaNet Canada Coordinators are there to guide Alphas through many challenges they may face.  AlphaNet connects Alphas to a unique, specialized network, providing interface and emotional support when needed.  The program also serves as a resource, keeping Alphas up-to-date with the latest information about Alpha-1 and the Canadian Alpha community.

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AlphaNet Canada Coordinators Have the Resources and the Perspective Required to Help


coffeeAlphaNet Canada Coordinator Services include:
    • Contacting patients at least once each month to ensure that lines of communication always remain open and support is provided as needed.
    • Providing education about Alpha-1 and how to live healthier lives through proven disease management techniques.
    • Sharing information about current clinical trials and research.
    • Connecting patients to Alpha-1 resources.
    • Facilitating participation with quality of life questionnaires for AlphaNet Canada’s confidential, PIPEDA-compliant database.

“Through the collection of data from subscribers involved in clinical studies, we hope to show the value of infusion therapy and hopefully make it easier for Canadian Alphas to get approved for treatment.”

Mike Benn

AlphaNet Canada Program Manager and Alpha

To inquire about services contact the AlphaNet Canada Coordinator in your area.