AlphaNet Canada is a registered charity in Canada, which began operations on April 1, 2014.  Our mission is simple:  to improve the lives of individuals in Canada  who are affected by Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, which is also known as ‘Alpha-1’.

We are totally focused upon providing health management services for individuals (‘Alphas’) who have been diagnosed with, and are living with, the Alpha-1 condition.  Because we are governed by and employ Alphas, our own personal experiences provide us a unique understanding of how the Alpha-1 deficiency affects the lives of the Alphas who subscribe to our free services.

Based in Etobicoke, Ontario, AlphaNet Canada is governed by a Board of Directors – a majority of whom are Alphas and Canadian citizens.  We are committed to “Alphas Serving Alphas.”  The AlphaNet Disease Management and Prevention program, commonly known as ADMAP program, serves as the underpinning of the effort to improve the quality of lives of Canadian Alphas.  This program has resulted in high augmentation therapy compliance with fewer exacerbations, unscheduled doctor visits and hospitalizations.

Who does AlphaNet Canada serve?


AlphaNet Canada proudly supports: 


    • All individuals diagnosed with Alpha-1, whether they are actively undergoing augmentation therapy or not.
    • Family members and caregivers of those diagnosed with Alpha-1, offering support and valuable Alpha-1 education resources to help empower and guide them in their caregiving journey.

“We want to help people learn how to stay as healthy as possible, given their breathing condition, by steering them toward AlphaNet Canada’s best health management resources which include the personalized support offered by their AlphaNet Canada Coordinator, the Big Fat Reference Guide and the Skinny Little Reference Guides.”
Mike Benn

AlphaNet Canada Program Manager and Fellow Alpha

To inquire about services contact the AlphaNet Canada Coordinator in your area.